Fela Anikulapo-Kuti’s acclaim in this world is such that when people talk about him and his music, it is often still in the present tense. Fela is like that figure that has conquered death and will always remain every time; ageless. 

It is no wonder that there has been several debates likening this or that artist with Fela. The music legend continues to influence trends in a way that if one says “Fela is a living legend” one would not be completely wrong.

Recently, sports outfitters, Nike, released an advertising campaign titled: Ronaldinho’s Message To Football. Fela’s 1973 record, “Alu Jon Jon Ki Jon” (off the Afrodisiac album) was a key part of the campaign, which also features football legend, Ronaldinho, as the talking head.

“Alu Jon Jon Ki Jon” gave life to the entire video with its clamouring horns and intriguing vocal that crescendoed as the advert reeled to its end.

This Nike advertisement reasserts the presence of Fela in popular culture. And as much as society continues to require governance and as much as there is vice, Fela and his music will continue to remain relevant in every sense of the word. 

Fela is also one of the most sampled artists in the world.

See the ad video below:

Listen to the song in its entirety below:

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