The 4th episode of the Hennessy Cypher with the ‘Gidi Gang’ comprising of Falz, Yoye, Dremo, Poe and Staqk G was all shades of brilliance.

The DJ Factor-provided instrumental saw Falz weave both Yoruba and Pidgin English in his freestyle. Falz’ flow was deftly-paced to match the beat’s progression. Memorable lines include:

Came in with my guys but I am still a lone fighter/

Kill any rapper, their papa and their ghost writer.

Yoye and Dremo delivered their own verses after Falz. While Yoye felt more in control, Dremo faltered with his own freestyle, dropping weak lines like:

The industry na like water closet,

Flush your shit and I drop my new shit for there

On the other hand, Poe’s confident delivery was reminiscent of one who has been doing it for long and is now a master. Memorable bars:

For every upcoming artist that’s still at the point of climbing
If ain’t about the pepper, then tell me – what’s the point of grinding?

Staqk G’s hard-hitting verse has the potential to stirr up a new debate in the industry. However, his stature in the industry guarantees that his lines would probably be overlooked.

Watch the cypher here:

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