Tekno started 2017 with not one but three songs in heavy rotation – “Pana”, Diana” and “Rara”. “Rara”, the last one, not only caused mild panic in the clubs, it took many by surprise – it is the pop singer’s most substantive single in a long time.

Tekno made his bones by providing a steady supply of mid-to-uptempo pop records that were shallow as River Sokoto in the dry season but catchy enough that their musical shortcomings didn’t matter one jot. But “Rara” was a departure, Tekno actually took the time to address a multitude of social issues in his normal jocular manner that made light of some very heavy topics.

NEPA no bring light oh
NEPA no bring light ooh, aah
Generator wan tear my ear
Generator wan tear my ear ooh-oh-oh

The video for “Rara” was released over the weekend and was directed by Director X. It was shot on location in Lagos and jostles between shots in the studio and shots on the streets in a haphazard manner that makes a lighthearted, socially-conscious song even lighter.

It wasn’t clear whether the video was supposed to be dark and gloomy, with scenes of the poverty and hardship Tekno was singing about confronting you on your TV screens, or merry and cheery with small kids dancing without a care in the world, everyone sporting CloseUp smiles and the singer busting out his infamous dance moves.

Tekno’s uncoordinated dance steps gives me life. Now, I have two left feet, so you won’t see me throwing stones in this glass house but at least I don’t bother dancing at all. Tekno’s unflinching desire to entertain regardless of his rhythmic shortcomings gives me hope for a better tomorrow, much like the underlying message for the country on “Rara”.

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There’s also a cultural dance troupe without a uniform, a fully-robed Catholic priest who turns the Sign of the Cross into a dance move and a shirtless buff guy just casually flexing his muscles. Schizophrenic. “Rara” is one of the most random videos you’ll see in 2017, it’s as if the video director was caught in 2 minds, possibly even more.