Mr. Eazi has been receiving dog’s abuse for his comments on the influence of Ghanaian music on Nigerian music, which we broke down here. A good number of artists have offered their opinion, some agree with Eazi, while others think he’s the worst thing to happen to Nigeria-Ghana diplomatic relations. Vic O has weighed in, all the way from the vantage point of his base in Europe. The rapper is encouraging Nigerians to “forgive” Eazi for erring and move on – after all we are all one Africa. Even though I do not understand the importance of mentioning a handful of African countries by name, I agree with Vic on this one.

All we need to do is to forgive, because Mr. Eazi is our son.

It’s your boy Eazi

This is my peace letter

The MPL Empire boss doesn’t want the issue to escalate beyond what it is right now. “Peace Letter” is exactly what you can expect from a Vic O record, spacey, whispery, incoherent, attention-seeking. It’s not the best song you’ll hear in 2017, and Vic O did sneak in a few lines about how he is the best in Africa and what not, but at least he isn’t going at Mr. Eazi as he did with Falz. Heaven knows we don’t deserve to hear another diss song from the rapping sheriff of the Nigerian online music space.

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