There are some couples that make you love love, Timi Dakolo, and his lovely wife Bukola, is one of them.

The couple will be celebrating their 5th anniversary at the start of April. If you follow either one of their social media pages, you have probably been carried along all that time via their periodic, pictorial updates.

On social media, Timi is never shy to showcase his family in general but the love he has for his wife in particular. Inadvertently, he’s also used his idyllic marriage as a marketing tool for his passion-centered, R&B/soul music. For instance, to promote his new song “Medicine” and in turn, his forthcoming studio album Love and Consequences, Timi is offering his fans an opportunity to have a date with him and his ‘medicine’, his lovely wife.

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Mrs. Dakolo was the lead girl in the video for the “Medicine” song as well, a decision that didn’t sit well with a particular fan who let his opinion be known on Twitter, to which Timi responded.  

However, Timi has already stated the reasons why his wife is a constant feature in his music videos. In a recent interview, while explaining the depth and meaning of his songs, the singer explained:

They’re deep songs and I don’t think I want to express that kind of feeling for somebody else. Because it’s her I was telling, so I had to sing it to her.


Bukola too has spoken about featuring heavily in her husband’s music videos and is full of appreciation for him. She, no doubt, seems like she enjoying it just as much as he does. Read her comments below:

It’s just lovely to be able to share a piece of who we are to the world. I feel blessed.


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Timi has used other models in his videos, but that was in the past. In order to understand what all the fuss is about, watch “Medicine” and the other videos where Mrs. Dakolo featured as the lead girl.


The Vow

Iyawo Mi

Hashtag goals. In an industry where 9 out of 10 music videos feature multiple women, none of which the artist will probably ever set eyes on again, Timi’s approach is heartfelt and adds a very personal touch to his music – makes him sound more believable.

However, the downside of letting these many eyeballs into your personal affairs is the scrutiny that along comes with it. Not everybody understands the couple’s vision, opinions will therefore be offered and not everyone of them will be positive, music video love has its consequences.