A few days ago, Filterfree reported that singer, Tillaman, had allegedly claimed he was brutalised by the police in Lagos on Tuesday night.

The singer said the news of his attack by the police was not a publicity stunt and that he believed that Nigerians should start speaking up whenever their rights are violated. 

He said he had heard stories of police brutality and abuse of power but it became real to him when he encountered them at gunpoint.

“And then he cocked the gun and put the gun to my chest. Then I felt afraid for my life. I’ve heard instances where people get shot for nothing so I had to push the gun.”

“I never thought that the police would point a gun at me. But now that I know that it could go that far, I’ve learnt a lesson to just do whatever the policeman says.”

Tillaman said he had never imagined that he would have his own share of police brutality, “at the end of the day I can stand here and complain about the police not being good or they are violating you, but it takes two to tango.”

@princetillaman recounts attack by policemen

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