Azuka Ogujuiba, the lady who conducted the famous Tiwa Savage’s interview has lashed out at critics. The Thisday journalist got a lot of criticism for her seeming lack of empathy during the interview. Some even suggested she might be ‘edible catering’.

She took to her Facebook page to announce:

”I have one advice for people talking down on my professional approach especially my colleagues- The training l got from the prestigious University of Lagos Mass Comm depart, as a print journalist is to go after the scoop first, how l looked or stared at Tiwa is not important but the story l am after”

She also boasted of having a good network to have being the one to conduct the interview despite the fact that she’s a print and not TV journalist, she added that she risked her life as she had to leave her daughter alone at home in the middle of the night and head to the island where the interview took place.

On not showing empathy, she pointed out that she acted with the utmost professionalism as she would have still gotten negative feedback if she had shown any emotion when Tiwa Savage burst into tears. She also said Tiwa Savage must have liked her work for her to ask for her to come do the interview.

And for her haters, she suggests that they go drink acid.


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