Every month, a lot of music projects get released. Some artists call their projects albums, some call theirs mixtapes, while others call it an electric package.

What? Is that joke too old now? Well, okay.

But before the projects that were released last month get old too, we round up the highest rated ones as reviewed by Filter Free.

Adekunle Gold – Gold (9.4)

How does one introduce gold? By forging a track that softly jolts the auditory nerves into attention, notifying them of the arrival of something sublime about to escape from the speakers. That is what the opening track of Adekunle’s first attempt at an album,“Gold”, did exactly. He reminds the listener of how far back he started preparing for this rite of passage, a passage that opens his treasure chest of many talents, and presents him to the world in all his glitter. Read more


Lindsey Abudei – … And the Bass is Queen (8)

The album strolls effortlessly between neo soul and pop-rock, picking elements from both genres over its 50 minute musical excursion. “Have You?” is its shortest burst at under 2 minutes, while at over 6 minutes long, “High” is its longest trek. On the former, against the backdrop of drenching, melodramatic keys, Lindsey builds a musical puzzle with her soothing voice, one rhetorical question at a time, while she manages to answer some of those questions for us on the latter.  Read more

Milli – Don’t Ask Me What Happened (8)

What DAMWH lacks in local context and cultural depth however, it makes up for in superior quality and sound. The EP shows Milli’s musicality – it’s okay to be able to rap, but he doesn’t allow spitting bars get in the way of making a good song. He’s a rapper that can hold a note and perhaps more importantly, without the support of a prominent label, hold his own. Read more

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Tomi Thomas – Black Couch Vol 1 (7.6)

Black Couch isn’t the kind of project that hits you immediately if you’re not a fan of TT’s. You might need to listen over and over to find more hidden gems, which is ironic, considering that things that can only be found on the internet aren’t typically built to interest you for very long. Read more