Terry tha Rapman is prepping for the release of his new mixtape Joe Spazm 2.0 (the follow up to 2009’s Joe Spazm mixtape), and the veteran MC is refusing to allow his issues with Ikechukwu to distract him from the task at hand.

In February, Ikechukwu said some extremely disrespectful things about Terry in an interview on the Loose Talk podcast – including discrediting his legacy in the rap game by repeatedly calling Terry an ‘upcoming artist’, questioning the authenticity of the northern hip-hop movement that he was an integral part of because it didn’t have the elements of hip-hop that Ikechukwu was familiar with and most salacious of all, alleging that Sarah Ofili slept with Terry when he and the ex-model were still together.

Terry is hard at work in the studio cooking up some heat for his fans whose expectations are high. He, however, took a break from recording and unlooking to share a few choice words for Killz on Twitter while responding to this article on FilterFree.

The “Na Beanz” rapper feels like Ikechukwu is beneath him skill-wise, he obviously doesn’t see the need to waste a full clip on a target that the paper bullet of rubber-ring sling can handle. Terry is a man of his word, he’s hooked up with Payper for a new single from the upcoming MC’s forthcoming mixtape and used only a couple of bars to address the issue.

Listen below:

You’d have to listen to the very end to hear Terry respond to Ikechukwu on wax for the first time. The song is titled ‘Look What You Did To Him’ and it is a refreshing back and forth between Payper and Terry tha Rapman over a menacing beat. Unfortunately, Terry’s controversial lines might overshadow Payper’s part in the engaging back-and-forth, the rapper’s own mixtape BARS 2: Guilty As Charged is set to drop on March 13, 2017.

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