It’s been a couple of months and Ikechukwu hasn’t responded to Terry’s taunts on “Look What You Did to Him”, so I guess it’s safe to crown Terry tha Rapman the winner of the 2017 Ikechukwu vs Terry rap battle that never happened.

After coming for Terry in an interview in January and Terry responding in his own interview, and on record, Killz’ silence thereafter has been deafening. It could be that the WFA leader didn’t want to cause any more trouble than he already had or that he’s saved some bars for Terry in the future, who knows? But being that Killz was the one who initiated contact, we’d like to hand him a small “L” to hold until he responds, it’s only right.

Terry continues to give Killz some light jabs on his new single “Baby Boy”, cleverly cross-referencing Ikechukwu’s allegations of him sleeping with ex-fiancee Sarah Ofili as well the highly successful Wedding Party movie that Ikechukwu starred in this year. He raps:

Shout out to Killz, now they call me the Wedding Party crasher

Swag daddy, too cool for a 9-to-5er

Over 30 years plus, still living with your mama

Ah ah, woman wrapper, girlfriend snatcher

Tell them all to hide their sisters cos the boy dey scatter dada

But Terry has bigger goals on this record than combating a foe who has decided to throw a punch and fold his arms – “Baby Boy” is not a diss record, it is a proclamation of youth.

Terry tha Rapman is a seasoned veteran in hip-hop years but it’s either he has found the fountain of youth or he and Pharrell have been trading grooming tips – they do not look their respective ages. Regardless of how they look, it’s always tricky for older MC’s to figure out how to sound as they transition through the times in a culture that is super young by default.

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Terry Waya seems to have no trouble adapting, he even takes it one step further, and several years younger, by declaring that he still makes music for secondary school kids to vibe to.

Watch the video for “Baby Boy” below:

The song features upcoming rapper Barz and young femcee AT makes a cameo. With quaint horns, a bouncy beat and sharp bars, this is definitely something that hip-hop heads can bop their heads to, yet younger cats can juju to the beat.

Terry has also announced that he’s started work on “Boyz Are Not Smiling” movie with Imoh Imuren. We’ll give you more information on that project as we get it.