US-based Nigerian singer, TeeKlef, is hoping to reach his audience in a whole different way with his Vlog series, Man Like Klef .

Since he came second in the 2011 Don Jazzy Enigma Beat Contest, ‘Klef has since released acclaimed projects; No Beat Is Safe (NOBIS) in 2012 and Ne Plus Ultra Vibe EP (2017).

In Man Like Klef fans of Ebuka “TeeKlef” Unogu get to interact with the artiste on a level deeper than his music alone.

The episodes of MLK creates a level of emotional affinity between TeeKlef and his fans.

The process of creating affinity with his listeners is even contracted for accidental listeners: Man Like Klef becomes an anchor which holds the listener onto the ‘Klef objective.

In Man Like Klef , Unogu is not only a versatile artiste who can write, sing and also rap, he becomes a normal human like everyone else; with everyday dreams.

The everyday TeeKlef is a father, an entrepreneur, and a nine-to-fiver. This revelation in his Vlog series helps listeners come to terms with all the things that are of value to him, most of which are often part of his music.

TeeKlef, through Man Like Klef, is providing context to his craft and his person in a way that changes completely how listeners interact and find meaning to his music.

See some of the episodes of Man Like Klef below:

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