Rapper N6‘s response to M.I. Abaga’s call-to-action, “You Rappers Should Fix Up Your Lives” has earned a response from Chocolate City VP, Loose Kaynon.

On his response, N6 had rapped that Loose Kaynon was never going to reach his potential because M.I. has kept the rapper in his shadows.

“You need to do som’n about your tummy/

Walk around with a Loose Kaynon all day/

That you ain’t never gon’ let blow/”

While the rapper had issued a disclaimer at the start of the song that he was not dissing M.I. and his associate, Loose Kaynon, the two rappers had taken it upon themselves to fire back at N6.

M.I.’s response was less scathing than Loose’s as he wrote on his Twitter: 

Loose Kaynon was not having any of N6’s antics. The rapper who was also Chocolate City vice president quickly pointed out the flaws in N6’s rap career.

Listen to N6’s “Fix Up Your Life” below:

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