Most soul singers wouldn’t cover a rap song, not the versatile Maka though, the singer who has adopted the moniker the “Nigerian Soul Singer” has put together a refix of JAY-Z’s ”Story Of O.J”.

It probably helps that the sound bed for Jay’s song was built on repeated loops of Nina Simone’s elegantly soulful “Four Women”, but Maka’s version is titled ”Boxed In”. On the song, Maka talks a lot about freedom and refusing to be boxed in by whatever is the overarching narrative. She addresses freedom from a number of perspectives, from economic to creative. It’s softly-sung rallying cry, if you pay attention.

The singer also discusses the plight of black people worldwide and what can be done to change the situation.

Tryna help you understand

Tryna be your eyes and lead you by the hand

A lot of people blind and they don’t even know…

Maka advocates for positive impact by black people instead of focusing on frivolities so we can leave something meaningful for the next generation. She also admonishes every one – black or white, creative or not – to use every unique talent or gift bestowed on us as a means to positively impact their immediate societies.

Listen below:

Update: Now with a video

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