Legendary musician, Majek Fashek, has challenged the younger generation of Nigerian musicians to always strive to improve their craft.

Drawing comparisons between the pattern of his music and that of the younger generations of Nigerian artists, Majek Fashek claimed in an interview with HIPTV that he made “sound” while younger generations of artists only make “jams”.

The legendary singer said there was the need for obvious improvement in the style of music younger artists make if they were ever going to remain relevant.

He noted that the quality of his own “sound” ensured that his music could transcend and remain very relevant over a long period of time.

“My song ‘Send down the rain’ was made over thirty years ago, but if you listen to it today, you will realize that the sound will appeal to both the old and equally the young ones because the sound is good and still relevant today, that is something the young musicians don’t have.”

The Rainmaker also pointed out in a later interview with Vanguard E-Daily that his position in the HIPTV interview was not intended to undermine the efforts of the younger artists.

He said he only stated that as an encouragement for the artists to approach their craft in a better and much improved way.

“The truth is Wizkid, Olamide, Davido, and many other young Nigerian artistes are doing good music but they just need to improve on their sound for the better; I meant no form of insult.”

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