M.I. left a lot of room for listeners to assume who and who he was referring to on “You Rappers Should Fix Up Your Lives”, Lord Vino, on the other hand, wants to leave you with no doubts. On his response to M.I.’s controversial song, the Abuja-based MC went straight for the jugular of 4 MC’s, but went at M.I. with a lot more respect.


I’m tired of the silly crap, everyday we take a Fresh L /
I’m talking about rappers that really rap, the rest of you niggas is Fresh L

The Fresh L jab was possibly because of this comment:


We should form a coalition, bro /
But let’s be careful with selection /
Cos forces are losing their magnitude /
And Vectors are losing direction

On M.I.

Big brother, why are you pannicking? /
You think your legacy’s vanishing? /
I see real models is making moves, so 
why are you focused on mannequins?

Let’s talk about cadence, let’s talk about flow /
Let’s talk about lyrics, let’s talk about Poe /
Let’s talk about Tec, let’s talk about Ghost /

Talk about Erigga that’s repping my coast /
Let’s talk about Boogey who has enough bars to fill up a Kindle, SA is nothing close


Niggas singing trying to be hot,
That’s why Ice had to melt


Vino also touched on how 2 of his catchphrases have been taken by bigger rappers without crediting the source.

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I see most niggas is tryna be Vino /
Pepper Dem Gang, they took it /
Then I dropped “Something Light”, they took it /
Oh boy, I had to unlook it 

The rapper touched on this and more, listen to “Fix Up The Lie” below: