Nini de!

Afro-house crooner, Niniola, has had a moderately successful 2017; whether it be on the radio airwaves, clubs, or even your favourite live shows and with the announcement of her debut album, This Is Me, she is looking to consolidate her presence even more.

A few weeks ago, Niniola began the countdown to the release of This Is Me on Instagram. The announcement was preceded by the release of “Sicker”, a tune which once again put Niniola everywhere just like her previous releases “Maradona” and “Shaba”.

This Is Me is a very promising album and it goes straight to the point. Nini likes to dance, the same thing her fans love to do. She has come forth, her new LP in hand, as an offering not short of what her listeners would like.

Niniola is not here to play. This Is Me is a thirteen-track LP which packs already known jams like; Maradona and Sicker. The two songs are very recent, an indication that the singer intends to create fresh experiences for the listener.

“Moyo” is a solemn opening to the album and it gives way for other singles like “Oyin” and “Bale”. Other songs in the album include; “Dola”, “Gbohun”, “Saro”, “Rora”, “Always Here”, “Magun”, “You” and “Hold Me”.

While Niniola enlisted the help of the likes of Terry Apala, Charmant, Devin Di Daka and Patoranking on Bale, Always Here, You and Hold Me, it is safe to say that Niniola has done the most on this album and she did it well alone.

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