MI Abaga recently shared that he had 5 albums left in him, after which he’ll probably retire. If and when he does retire, MI will go down as arguably the greatest Nigerian rapper of all time.

But MI isn’t without fault, his pen game isn’t what it used to be, his leadership of Choc City has been questioned repeatedly, as well as some of his business moves. On his new song “A Letter to MI”, upcoming rapper K.E.A.D talks about this and many more. The young MC has a few brutal words for a man he says he used to Stan for, listen below:

Notable Quotables

Then you dropped “The Chairman”, that’s the one I started to doubt it
Cos you had deep flows but it kinda felt like you drowned it

Kinda feels like you were writing one bar for 7 days
Then you spit a weak line when you enter the booth

See “Illegal Music 3”, man that could have been another
But let’s face the fact, you’re too big to be doing covers

Sometimes I sit and wonder, what did you ever do with the niggas you signed?
Milli, Koker and Dice, things were looking out nice – until they split up

Y’all split up and you left the game for 3 years
Expecting nobody will sit on y’all chair
But well streets ti takeover, ogbeni streets ti takeover
English rappers don dey hide, omo this one na game over

Who would have thought that I would take it as far as Chocolate City Unsigned?
But I’m still unsigned
Matter of fact, everybody on that list unsigned

Vicious. K.E.A.D says the song isn’t a diss and it sure doesn’t sound like one, just harsh words from one someone who considers himself a big MI fan.

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