While there are still arguments as to whether most of your favourite Nigerian rappers should sing for whatever reason they deem fit, iLLBliss, has given some props to rappers who can sing.

The veteran rapper opined in a short video interview that the ability to sing was an added skill to any rapper.

He said being able to sing did not mean that the the rapper’s ability to rap was diminished, maintaining that rappers could sing as long as it was not denting their credibility as a rapper.

“I have a respect for rappers that sing. As long as you don’t lose your credibility; when it comes down to lyrics and when it comes down to writing bars and defending your thoughts. I think you should hold that as well, and also make the melodic songs.”

Oga Boss insisted that artists have different creative reasons they approach music and that artists who sing do not fancy being categorised or typecast.

“Some artists don’t want to be put in a box. It’s diversity: for example, Phyno is a producer, when he hears a song he knows when to say I don’t need to rap on this, I need to sing on it.”

The Gorreti Company boss also noted that while some rappers may have the ability to do both together, many others were just not cut out for it.

“You can’t take it away from Drake that he’s an exceptional rapper. But he can also sing; he makes a lot melodic tune. Jay Z might not be able to do that because that’s not the cloth he’s cut from.”

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He added that there was a large fanbase to acquire if the rapper could sing really well.