​Femi Kuti has expressed his disapproval of musicians who join the industry because of their lust for fame. 

His comments was coming following the numerical expansion of the Nigerian music industry as more people continue join.

He told HIPTV recently that most of the people joining the music industry as musicians were joining for the wrong reasons.

He said music was beyond the fame and recognition that came with it.

“Fame is even the least: fame, fortune, wealth, all these things are very [small part of music]. Music is very Godly.”

The Afrobeat singer stated that it was necessary for music to be done properly.

He added that if the industry continued the way it was presently there was slim chance of survival for the industry.

“We must insist to teach our children music properly. Or else there will be pandemonium in the industry.”

People are joining music for the wrong reasons – @femiakuti

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