X3M music artist D-Truce has express his discontent with the way pundits and music listeners try to categorise his music under a rigid classification.

The artist told Filterfree yesterday that listeners should focus more on consuming and enjoying music rather than worry about the form it was delivered. 

The youngster offered that music would always remain music no matter how the artiste decided to dispatch it.

“Because everyone is entitled to that (opinion), but water is water… if it comes in a bucket or in a cup it still is what it is.”

D-Truce had started his music career as a rapper, however, his eclectic approach to beat selection and delivery patterns have raised eyebrows on the purity of his craft.

The rapper, who now preferred to be referred to as an “artiste”, said being a rapper did not mean he had to be confined to a particular “hard-core” style.

He opined that music audience and pundits should disabuse their mind of  preconceived notions of how a rapper should sound or look.

“Once they say “you’re a rapper” you have no business jumping on a melodious beat and riding the vibrations and energy that the music feeds you.”

“It’s funny because people do it, Drake does it, Burna Boy does it, M.I does it, J.Cole does it… So why can’t I do it?”

He insisted that the beauty of art was in the multiplicity of its expression and putting a name to it delimited its value.

He said that the different forms his music had taken in the past few years were part of his artistic growth, adding that individual artistes have their own peculiarities.

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