City FM on-air personality, K Show, has announced that he would no longer play any of Mr. Eazi’s songs on his show.

He announced the ban on his Twitter account yesterday.

The OAP said that the ban was placed on Mr. Eazi because of his disrespectful comments about Nigeria.

Mr. Eazi had earlier stated that Nigerian artistes were copying his Ghanaian highlife-influenced sound to make quick hit songs and he has been dragged continuously by most Nigerians since the video reached the internet.

Before that time, Mr. Eazi had also claimed that Nigerian music was influenced by Ghanaian music, this comment also drew public anger and he was heavily called out for it.

K Show said that since the singer has repeatedly disrespected Nigerians he should start seeking airplay in Ghana.

As it is now, Mr. Eazi is gradually becoming unpopular to Nigerians. Other OAPs and radio stations have not reacted yet.

However, Nigerians have continued to expressed their support to K Show over the ban as they think Mr. Eazi must be thought a lesson.

Some other Nigerians believed K Show’s reaction was farfetched adding that the situation was not that serious.

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