Popular Nigerian actress, Caroline Danjuma, has accused Davido and his team of allegedly dumping the corpse of one young man identified as Tagbo at the Lagos General hospital.

Danjuma alleged, in an Instagram post she would later delete, that the deceased had been inside Davido’s car when he died last night.

“Davido where is Tagbo …. he was with you and ur crew last night … you all wore face cap to hide your identities after he died in ur car.. u dumped him at general hospital and ran away.”

A video posted by LIB showed that Tagbo and Davido did party together that night.

However, Davido and his team have not issued an official response to the allegations Danjuma made.

Meanwhile, two videos showing the deceased before his death have been obtained by LIB.

In the video, the deceased was being warned by a voice in the background that he did not have a good tolerance to high alcohol levels.

“Tagbo, you no get body, o, ei, okay!” The voice warned.

The deceased was seen lowering a small table-glass back after the voice called out.

Danjuma has refused to comment further on the issue, she said all questions should be directed to the police.

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Davido has finally responded to the allegations levelled against him, saying it was falsehood made to smear his name.

The DMW boss said he was sad to receive the news of the death of Tagbo, the deceased, who he described as “my friend”.

He said he would not like to comment on the issue in respect to the deceased’s family in their time of grief.


This story was updated as newer details emerged.