Maverick singer, Brymo, has challenged Nigerian artists to own the battle against piracy of their works. 

The singer told Guardian Life that because piracy was now online artists could do more to nip the illegal spread of their works.

Brymo added that the music industry should exist in a way that ensure its continued survival. 

“The government needs to step in and end piracy. Luckily for most of the artists, piracy is online and we as artists can do a lot to mop it up ourselves… the music industry must exist as an industry that takes care of itself all round.”

He continued that there was the need for all the players in the music industry to learn the workings of the industry.

He said most of the players in the industry found it difficult to navigate the industry due to its complex nature.

“Then you now come into the entertainment business, which is even more delicate, because when you’re upcoming you probably don’t have money to give anybody. So, it is a very complex business because how do you go from being nobody to becoming someone everyone wants to pay? That, is always the task to solve.”

Brymo insisted that artists should be able to profit from their craft, adding that until artists get paid music industry could not say it was doing business yet.

“I can say for sure that from the very beginning, I have always wanted to be an artist that gets paid. I would always ask, ‘How many records can we sell?’ ‘How much can we get from rights?’ ‘How much can we earn for royalties and gigs?’ If we don’t have that, we don’t have a music business. Currently in Nigeria, I find it very amusing and saddening that there are so many “A list” artists who claim to be international when their albums are still being sold for N150.”

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