Reality TV star, Efe, has expressed optimism that Nigerian music audience would start get used to his sound. 

Efe told Rubbin’ Minds that his audience needed time to acclimatise to his type of music. 

He said that as time went on his music would become the “wave” for many Nigerians.

He recalled that it took time for many television viewers to get used to his persona during the reality TV show, Big Brother Naija (BBN). 

He believes that the way viewers got used to him on TV was the same way they would get used to his music. 

“The character I displayed in the house, it started out wack, people didn’t want to associate with it. But, it later it became the wave.”

Watch a clip from the interview here:

The reality TV star started his music career before his triumph at Big Brother Nigeria show. He has since released about two singles, including “Based On Logistics” and “Somebody”

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