Yemi Alade recently granted an interview to Fader and here’s a few things she revealed which we might not have previously known about her.

1. Her Mama Africa album hit No.1 on Africa’s iTunes chart

The highly acclaimed album which is a blend of Ghanaian highlife, Ivorian dance music style coupé-décalé, and American hip-hop and pop culminating in what she calls Afropolitan actually hit number one on African’s iTunes chart.


2. She won Peak Talent Show in 2009

She emerged the winner of the Peak Talent Show in 2009 although most people did not hear of her till she released ‘Johnny’ in 2014. Between 2009 and 2014, she had 10 singles out there till Johnny was released. The video currently has 52 million views and counting (impressive we know).

3. She is learning how to speak Swahili

Since she isn’t making music for Nigerians only, she currently speaks English, French, Igbo, Yoruba and is learning Swahili after which she hopes to pick up on Portuguese.

She most certainly doesn’t joke with her ‘Mama Africa’ title.


4. She is inspired by Wizkid and Davido‘s break into the international scene

In her words: ”It’s a huge inspiration for me, and I’m very grateful to be born in this generation where such a thing is happening. If you look closely you can see that these guys did this without actually changing who they are. They didn’t have to try to be someone else. I’m very proud of them.”

5. Yemi Alade thinks men hav it easier.

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She revealed that she thinks it is easier to break through as a man than a woman in the music industry. She claims that several times at events, guys have been given preferential treatment over her despite her being the bigger artiste.

Do you agree with her? Do share your thoughts below.

You can check out the full interview here:


Source: FADER