Legendary Nigerian musician, 2baba, has said that artists have to keep working and adjusting to newer trends if they were ever going to enjoy a long stay in the industry.

2baba said during an interview with Guardian Life recently that the way he treated the people he worked with played a huge role in ensuring the longevity of his career.

He explained that he continued to work on himself knowing that he was not where he had wanted to be yet.

“I think there are a couple of things that combine to make that happen. It’s the way you treat and deal with people. You have to keep bringing out fresh stuff and keeping in touch with the times. You just have to keep working and know that you haven’t arrived.”

2Baba stressed the relevance of adapting and readjusting to changes in industry trend, adding that “you just have to keep working because if you don’t do all these things you will just be stuck at one time and you will be forgotten over time.”

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